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E-Log - Maritime Modules

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Maritime E-Log Modules:

E-Log Industrial

The E-Log Electronic Management system has been designed with the ability for the user to choose which equipment areas (modules) they would like to include in their E-Log system.

Simply select your sector, choose the modules from that sector, or easily import e-log modules from other sectors to suit all your equipment and organisational requirements.

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What type of items can be included?

If an item or piece of equipment can be identified, it can be logged in the e-log system. We can create any module to meet your needs or you can choose from our list of popular modules:


Our Popular Modules:

The system uses industry standard criteria to recommend the retirement of equipment as a result of its age, use and wear for:



Equipment type

UNIVERSAL Fire Extinguishers All types: portable, fixed, water, chemical, powder etc
UNIVERSAL First Aid Kits: All types - fixed wall and mobile units
UNIVERSAL Communication: All types - Radios, VHF and UHF's, EPIRB's, PLB's.
UNIVERSAL Office Equipment: All types - computers, printers, monitors
MARITIME Navigational Equipment: All types - maps, compasses, radars etc
MARITIME Life Jackets (PFD): All types
MARITIME Anchors: All types - anchors, chain line, ropes
MARITIME Flares: All types - red, orange, day, night etc
MARITIME Lights: All types
MARITIME General Safety Equipment: All types - buckets, V Sheet, torch, sound signal, paddles/oars etc
MARITIME BIlge Pump: All types - manual and automatic
MARITIME Engine and Components: All types - steering, fuel, oil checks etc
MARITIME Masts and Rigging: All types
MARITIME Sails: All types - gutters, drainpipes, light fittings, windows etc
* Please note: UNIVERSAL modules appear in multiple sectors and standard pricing applies


A Module not listed yet?

Have we missed some feature important to you, tell us, we may already have it developed, or we can develop it for you......