E-Log - Electronic Management System

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E-Log - Pricing

Purchase one or more modules, whatever you require, there is no limit.

E-Log Fees:

E-Log Industrial


The E-Log Electronic Management system has been designed with the ability for the user to choose which equipment areas (modules) they would like to include in their E-Log system.

Simply select your sector, choose the modules from that sector, or easily import e-log modules from other sectors to suit all your equipment and organisational requirements.

Note: All prices are in $AUD

No minimum module purchase - choose 1 or more, the choice is yours


Module Type


Standard Module - from the same sector including universal $175.00 per module
Imported Module - imported module from other sectors $220.00 per module
Custom Module - created to your own specifications P.O.A
Regional Option - ability for organisations to have mulitple sites in one system P.O.A

Initial Pricing Includes:

- Initial License (12 months)  
- E-Log Access Fee  

Licence Renewal

- Annual Renewal fee for standard module $55.00 per module
- Annual Renewal fee for imported module $75.00 per module
Note: The annual renewal is automatically generated and payable via the E-Log secure payment gateway.
Additional administration fees will be applicable for seperately generated invoices.


Additional Services:

We are able to offer additional services to our E-Log Clients:

Hardware Identification service $ P.O.A
Data Import service $ P.O.A
Custom Sector and Module Creation $ P.O.A