E-Log - Electronic Management System

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Benefits of Electronic Logs

Traditional paper based log books are used extensively, however the use of paper logs does have its drawbacks!

Benefits of Electronic Logs:

Tradtional paper based log books are used extensively throughout various industries, with organisations moving into the electronic age, millions of excel spreadsheets were developed to record the information electronically.

However the use of these types of log books do have their drawbacks when it comes to identifying which piece of equipment is due for service, inspection, retirement or replacement at all times without someone having to seach a paper based log book for the relevant entry.

Inaccessible Logbooks:

Paper log books can be scattered far and wide throughout your facility and having all your logbooks in one location improves data flow and allows real time data available to employees when they need it most.

Log Book Security:

Paper log books are inherently insecure, entries can be forged and/or removed or even entire logbooks destroyed. Having all your logbooks stored in a centralised web-based databased allows only access to the correct people. Data is automatically time stamped and is securely backed up and held off-site to cover all eventualities.

Log Book illegibility:

Paper log books allow too much scope for poor handwriting and the addition of entries in a non-consistent manner. With E-Log handwriting is no longer an issue.


Benefits of a web-based system:

Electronic Log book software is one of the new generation of web applications that is shaping the changes in industry markets and technologies. In our fast paced world we need technology that can be provide instant information with a click of a button regardless of whether we are in the office, out in the field, outside of normal business hours or in a remote location.

Easy Implementation or IT Infastructure required:

As E-Log is accessed via the web, there are no installation or setup of software requirements. No downloads or software installation is required.

All that you require is access to the internet, this means you do not have to buy, build or maintain your own IT infastructure.

Increased Accessibility and Productivity:

E-Log allows you to access your equipment logs from the internet making it easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Information is immediately available across the globe.

The colour coded warning flags let you know the critical status of your equipment at any time avoiding delays, equipment failures, cancellations, lost revenue and high repair costs all with one click of a button.

The consequences of not knowing this information can range from harmless to expensive and extremely dangerous for people and the environment.


Electronic Logs of today are not just a replacement of paperbased log books but much more!