E-Log - Electronic Management System

powerful, easy to use and affordable!


What is E-Log? - Electronic Management System

E-Log is an Electronic Equipment Maintenance System that is powerful, easy to use and affordable!

What is E-Log?

E-log Electronic Management System, (EMS), tracking and monitoring for outdoor recreation equipment combines powerful and effective maintenance tracking features with extreme ease of use, making it the ideal choice for your equipment and facility maintenance scheduling.

An E-Log system can assist you to keep track of your equipment maintenance and also help you determine the cost effectiveness of your various equipment assets and their replacement requirements.

E-Log is powerful, easy to use and affordable!

Why settle for maintenance systems that are difficult to use or hinder the ability to locate the information you need. E-log provides everything at your fingertips directly from the main screen. E-Log features a user-friendly structure, which allows you to categories and quickly locate your maintenance data.

Colour coded alerts will instantly show you which equipment is due for service, inspection, retirement or replacement at all times. These alerts can identify preventive maintenance, repairs, or annual expirations that are due. You will know instantly which equipment is due for maintenance service, inspection, retirement or replacement and why, without navigating elsewhere.

Equipment due (or overdue) for service, inspection, retirement or replacement will be shaded "red" while others that may be soon due (within 3 months) for service, inspection, retirement or replacement will be shaded "orange". This provides an excellent visual of where your equipment stands at any given time.

Tracking repair maintenance is just as important as tracking preventive maintenance.

Keeping track and monitoring trends in repair maintenance can help you decide whether to keep or retire a particular asset or equipment and allows you to identify any exceptional usage that you might consider looking into, e.g. The lawn mower keeps breaking down and upon investigation “no oil” was the contributing factor you would be able to identify all services and maintenance on that lawn mower and identify if the problem was a maintenance issue, was the lawn mower losing oil, is something broken?

In addition to maintenance scheduling, unexpected repairs that organisations encounter can be logged and scheduled to be completed.

Detailed history tracking and analysis

E-log enables an organisation to visually track history and this is one of the most vital tasks when managing equipment and knowing the history of particular gear, equipment and facilities.

Historical data can be used to analyse costs, monitor trends in wear, neglect, abuse, and ultimately be the determining factor when deciding to keep or retire an asset.

When maintenance activities are performed, data entered into the E-Log system keeps track of all of the pertinent details that are vital to equipment management.

In addition, E-log provides a wealth of historical reports that can be used to analyse your data over time to establish the equipment’s cost effectiveness to your organisation.

E-Log provides reports at your fingertips. These reports can be obtained by the “data entry” person and the overseer of any organisation allowing management access to the report at any time.

As the E-Logs are web based applications there are NO hardware or Operating System compatibility issues, all you require is access to the internet. This could be via a desk top, lap top, iPad, iPhone or any other devices with internet connection.

Updates to software are automatic and there is no need to purchase upgrades, therefore future proofing your data and application.