E-Log - Electronic Management System

powerful, easy to use and affordable!


What is E-Log? - Electronic Management System

E-Log is an Electronic Equipment Maintenance System that is powerful, easy to use and affordable!

E-Log overview

E-log Electronic Management System, (EMS), is a tracking and monitoring system for equipment combined with powerful and effective maintenance tracking features with extreme ease of use, making it the ideal choice for any equipment, chemicals and facility maintenance scheduling.

E-Log can be used for a range of equipment and industries: Mining and Heavy Machinery ? Factory and Specialised Production ? Campsite and Recreational Resorts ? Schools, Colleges and their Facilities ? Volunteer Organisations ? Safety and Rescue Equipment ? Commercial Facilities, to name just a few....

Tracking equipment is a tedious but critical task in most organisations!

Paper and spreadsheet systems are not only labour-intensive, they're also error prone. E-Log streamlines and automates your maintenance and inspection processes, leading to improved accountability, safe working environments, optimised productivity & inventory levels, reduced paperwork and improved reporting.

For many organisations, strict adherence to equipment inspections and calibration schedules are mandatory and regulated. Companies can be held responsible if they fail to comply or are unable to prove compliance.

The inspection software functionality of E-Log helps ensure that your tools, equipment and facilities are all inspected and/or calibrated on time.

The automated and detailed record of calibration and inspections enable you to meet your regulatory requirements.

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Equipment records available online!

E-Log system is one of a new generation of web applications that allows you to log data from anywhere you need to. You don't even need a networked computer as a laptop, Ipad tablet or even a mobile phone can be used to access the system as long as you have access to the web. You can access your data anywhere!

It is simple to set up and cuts out the costs and complications of establishing a maintenance system from scratch. With its built in hosting, reporting, data management and administration functions, E-Log lets you concentrate on the "monitoring and facilitating" of your equipment not the complexities of code and computer programming.

E-log provides everything at your fingertips directly from the main screen. E-Log features a user-friendly structure, which allows you to categorise and quickly locate your equipment data.

Colour coded alerts will instantly show you which piece of equipment is due for service, inspection, retirement or replacement at all times. These alerts can identify preventive maintenance, repairs, or annual expirations that are due.

E-Log shows instantly which equipment is due for service, inspection, retirement or replacement and why, without navigating elsewhere.