E-Log - Electronic Management System

powerful, easy to use and affordable!


Key Feature of E-Log

No matter what type of inspection you do, E-Log can provide the solution!

Key Features of E-Log:

E-Log is a web-based inspection management solution designed to track and document inspection and maintenance activities on any type of equipment. The system ensures on-time accurate inspections and eliminates missed inspections, making it the perfect solution.


The E-Log system provides the benefits of:

  • No software to install, upgrade or maintain.

  • Login via the web - web-based.

  • Compliance with regulatory mandates.

  • Colour coded warning alerts for greater visibility.

  • Automatic wear and usage calculation

  • Quick and easy data entry system.

  • Increased data integrity.

  • Easy access to all your data.

  • No IT infastructure required, internet connection only.
  • Greater accuracy and improved efficiency.

  • Flexible modular structure.

  • No downloads required.

  • Mitigation of risk and liability.

  • Real time data access.

  • Proactive management of inspections and findings.

  • Available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week from anywhere in the world.

  • Can support an unlimited number of users simultaneously.

  • Supports multiple platforms, only requires internet access.

  • Eliminate adminisitrative data entry into PC from paperbased logs.

  • Always prepared and compliance ready.

  • Track an unlimited amount of equipment.