E-Log - Electronic Management System

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E-Log - Top 10 reasons

A documented inspection program reduces the chances of equipment failure, minimising both risk and liability.

Top 10 reasons:

Tradtional paper based log books are used extensively throughout various industries, with organisations moving into the electronic age, millions of excel spreadsheets were developed to record the information electronically,

However the use of these types of log books does have their drawbacks when it comes to identifying which piece of equipment is due for service, inspection, retirement or replacement without someone having to tediously search a paper based log book for the relevant entry, progression from this is web-based logs.

  1. Access your data anytime, anywhere. All that is required is access to the internet either via a computer, Ipad or even a web-enabled mobile phone.

  2. Simple setup and easy to use . Why settle for maintenance systems that are difficult to use or hinder the ability to locate the information you need. E-log provides everything at your fingertips directly from the main screen. E-Log features a user-friendly structure, which allows you to categorise and quickly locate your maintenance data.

  3. E-Log provides documented proof of all actvities. Inspections are valid, on-time, and missed inspections can be completely eliminated.

  4. Reports and colour-coded warning flags provide unlimited visibility. You know what is due, usage left in equipment, dates inspections carried out, when and by whom.

  5. Administrative paper handling eliminiated, unlike paperbased logs that are transferred electronically at a central location, there is no need to input or decipher a handwritten log.

  6. Risk and liability are mitigated. E-log helps protect your most important assets: products, premises and people. A documented inspection program reduces the chances of equipment failure, minimising both risk and liability.

  7. Always prepared and compliance ready. Inspection history is easily accessed, retrieving information during an audit is quick and easy and provides accurate information.

  8. Eliminates missed inspections. The colour-coded warnings indicate if equipment due (or overdue) for service, inspection, retirement or replacement these will be shaded "red" while others that may be soon due (within 3 months) for service, inspection, retirement or replacement will be shaded "orange". This provides an excellent visual of where your equipment stands at any given time.

  9. Modular System. As the E-log is a modular system, you can utilise and request a module for any piece of equipment. No matter what type of inspection is required, E-Log can provide the solution.

  10. Future proof your business. E-Log is an electronic system that will stand the test of time. You will still be able to access and view your records in many years to come.


Electronic Logs of today are not just a replacement of paperbased log books but much more!